Scuba Diving Lessons

PADI Bubblemaker


  • Duration:

    1 - 5 hours
  • Schedule:

  • Sessions:

    1 day
  • Depth:

    Up to 2 meters
  • Meetup Location:

    Orca Diving Center swimming pool
  • Includes:

    Diving equipment, oxygen tanks, experienced instructors, PADI learning materials & certification card

  • Requirements:

    Participants should be 8 – 10 years old

  • Note:


  • Overview: PADI Bubblemaker

    The very first step into Scuba Diving! The PADI Bubblemaker is as fun as it sounds, a chance for the kids to blow bubbles by scuba diving. Children who are at least 8 years old can use scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water. The first breaths underwater you’ll never forget – the sooner our youngsters take them, the better divers they’ll be in the future!


      We offer introductory diving lessons to beginners as well as PADI certification and specialty courses for advanced divers.

      Contact Details
      Address: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
      Telephone: +971 54 444 6088

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