Areatore Fast Tech Dry Snorkel Rosa / Giallo


Seac Fast Tech Dry is ideal for snorkeling. The top dry ensures maximum dryness in all position. Maximum performance thanks to the presence of an oval dump Valve for quick emptying, a liquid Silicone hose and an ergonomic mouthpiece.

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  • ROSA (Pink)
A great choice for free diving, the SEAC Fast Tech snorkel features an anti-splash top that effectively blocks water from entering the snorkel. It also includes an innovative purge valve system that sits below the mouthpiece for rapid emptying of water.

Snorkel pink adult for those who want to make snorkeling easy. The snorkel’s dry top features make it easy to use and popular with snorkelers. The top closes when you dive to the bottom and no water enters the tube. You do not need to empty the snorkel of water.

– Dry-top, does not take any water into the pipe

– 100% Silicone mouthpiece: More comfortable, flexible, and longer lasting.

– Snorkel holder with quick opening

– Anatomical design

– Soft joint that makes the snorkel sit comfortably in the mouth.

– Left bite

– Exhaust valve for quick emptying of water

– Color: GIALLO (Green) Or ROSA (Pink)

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GIALLO (Green), ROSA (Pink)