Scuba Diving Lessons

Try Dive from a Beach


  • Duration:

    2 hours
  • Schedule:

    8AM - 2PM
  • Sessions:

    1 day
  • Depth:

    Up to 6 meters
  • Meetup Location:

    Jumeirah Open Beach (behind Sunset Mall), Dubai
  • Includes:

    Diving equipment, oxygen tanks, & experienced instructors

  • Requirements:

    At least 10 years old

    In good physical health

  • Note:

    Can be credited to a full PADI certification after the experience

  • Overview: Try Dive from a Beach

    If you are thinking of exploring scuba diving but either don’t have the time or are unsure about committing to a full PADI Open Water Course, then sign up for the PADI Try Dive session. This is not a scuba certification course but is an introductory experience where you can dive safely with an instructor in shallow water. Shallow water skills will be conducted in a swimming pool first for additional safety and comfort

    Just a one-day introductory program, the Try Dive experience gives you the chance to test and use a full set of scuba equipment and take a full sea dive from one of Dubai’s popular locations.


      We offer introductory diving lessons to beginners as well as PADI certification and specialty courses for advanced divers.

      Contact Details
      Address: Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
      Telephone: +971 54 444 6088

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