Orca Necklace / Pendant

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  • Sea Turtle
    Kovel Sealife
    Aqua Marine
    Surf Master
    Opal Stingray
    Vintage Pendant
    Vintage Seahorse Pendant
    Blue Opal Cat
    Vintage Marine Life
    Blue Opal Stingray
    Shark Pendant
    Bonsny Enamel Octopus
    Sea Life Starfish
    Starfish Pendant
    Little Dolphin
    Double Dolphin Charm
    Dolphin Circle
    Stainless plain
    Silver Plated Cicada
    Mammon Pendant
    Octopus Sea Ocean
    Mirror of Gothic Pendant
    Specs Ops Diver
    Vintage Necklace
    Enamel Alloy Fish
    Vintage Hattie
    Whale Tale
    Fashion Diving
    Vintage Olfaire
    Marine Life Vintage
    Vintage Fish Bone
    Knight Scuba Diving
    Constellation Vintage
    Fishbone Punk Skull
    Cool Vintage Shark
    Goth Resin Shark tooth
    Vintage Shark tooth Necklace
What Makes This the Perfect Gift for the Ocean Lover?  Where do you get the sense of feeling most alive? Whether you’re a surfer, boater or diver there is a something that calls us from the sea. This design answers the call. You can almost hear the soothing sounds that reaches an inner peace and also invokes excitement.


Stainless Steel Pendant.

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Design/ Art

Sea-Turtle, Kovel Sealife, Whale, Aqua Marine, Surf Master, Opal Stingray, Vintage Pendant, Vintage Seahorse Pendant, Blue Opal Cat, Vintage Marine Life, Blue Opal Stingray, Shark Pendant, Bonsny Enamel Octopus, Sea Life Starfish, Sea Turtle, Starfish Pendant, Little Dolphin, Double Dolphin Charm, Dolphin Circle, Stainless plain, Silver Plated Cicada, Mammon Pendant, Octopus Sea Ocean, Mirror of Gothic Pendant, Specs Ops Diver, Vintage Necklace, Enamel Alloy Fish, Vintage Hattie, Whale Tale, Fashion Diving, Vintage Olfaire, Marine Life Vintage, Vintage Fish Bone, Knight Scuba Diving, Constellation Vintage, Fishbone Punk Skull, Cool Vintage Shark, Goth Resin Shark tooth, Vintage Shark tooth Necklace