Asil Abdo

Hi all, I have always wondered what it feels to float in space, that feeling of freedom. Scuba diving seemed to be the closest experience that will allow me to fulfill it, and it did. I started to believe more and more after my first night dive that its that close to space "The pure darkness". I was amazed and got addicted more to diving. It all started in March 2013 when I took my Open Water course and I learnt the basics of diving. I was happy to see the world from a different perspective and breath differently. I couldn't absorb the idea at first but once it sank in, I immediately applied for the Advanced Scuba Diving License. Having an instructor like Captain Mohammed Pharaon made it easier, more fun and attracted me more to enjoy it. He sold me his passion and I bought it. I lived it , felt it and liked it. The passion to enjoy the moment with a family that shares the same thoughts. 5 years later, I am now close to my 100th dive. I have dived in UAE, Oman, Thailand, Bali, Australia and Sri Lanka. It is always a mesmerizing feeling, the marine life never fails to impress me. I admit, I love wreck diving the most. It gives me the thoughts that I am discovering something new and different. The thoughts of the story and how it all happened keeps flashing in front of me when I am around the wreck. It is absolutely an epic experience. The greatest feeling of scuba diving is escaping the world. We are away from our daily pressure and life routine. We are living a moment to remember, a moment of a connection with the ocean. We become one. Scuba diving is a passion , a hobby, a lifestyle and I am happy to be part of a healthy community that shares such love to our oceans.